Planning & Zoning Board

The City of Monticello Planning and Zoning Board is a group of seven members appointed by the Mayor for five-year terms. The Board advises the City Council on all matters related to any amendments to the City’s Zoning Ordinance, as well as petitions for conditional use permits, variance requests, and rezoning of parcels within the City of Monticello. The Planning and Zoning Board also reviews and recommends all ordinances in relation to the major subdivision developments, preliminary plats, and land annexations. This Board also serves as the appeals board for zoning rulings made by the City of Monticello City Council or Building and Zoning Inspector. Correspondence to the Planning & Zoning Board can be sent to the City Building, 210 N. Hamilton Street, Monticello, Illinois 61856.

Planning & Zoning Board Members

Michael Beem217.898.9288Term expires 2027
Chad Johnson
Term expires 2027
Mike Hawkins
Term expires 2028
Will Pontious
Term expires 2026
Marthaan Riegel

Term expires 2024
Shawn Spillman217.343.6299Term expires 2026
Elaine Yoon
Term expires 2025