807 N. State St..

"Maxwell and Frances Dunn Hott House", c. 1880

Victorian Farmhouse - Cross plan

One of the original owners of this house was a descendant of one of Monticello's original settlers, John Britton.  This house served as the residence of Maxwell V.R. Hott, and his wife Frances Dunn Hott from 1920 - 1945, after which they moved across the street to 810 North State upon the death of Maxwell's mother, Nellie Hott.  
This house features the Victorian Farmhouse - Cross plan style with some alterations; two and a half story, clapboard siding with corner and rake boards, and gable and truncated hip roofs.  The one-story sunroom on the north elevation is a historic addition to the house, whereas a modern addition with brick first story and clapboard sided second story projects from the southeast corner of the south elevation.  All of the main house windows have wood surrounds whose decorated lintels have scallop designs and corner blocks.
The three-car garage outbuilding (c. 1940) has clapboard siding, gable roof with rafter tails, and overhead doors.

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