405 N. State St.

"Marquiss House", c. 1920


Four Square with Colonial Revival Influence

This house was originally built for Jean Marquiss.  This house features the Four-Square style with Colonial Revival influence; rectangular shape, two and a half story, with narrow clapboard siding and belcast hip roof with wide eaves and exposed rafter tails.  The center gable roof portico is supported by paneled posts on brick pedestals with a wide frieze, overhanging open eaves with rafter tails, and clapboard tympanum.  An open porch has posts with the same details as the facade portico.
A three-car garage outbuilding (c. 1920) with hip roof is actually shared with 407 North State Street- the south two-thirds is clapboard sided whereas the siding on the north one third has been replaced.

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