110 - 112 N. Charter St.

110- 112 N Charter St

This building historically known as the J.D. Knott Office and Residence is a Commercial type built in 1911 with a slight Arts and Crafts influence.  Two stories, square shape, brick walls, asymmetrical facade.  The south half of the first story consists of the storefront entrance (multi-light door, four light transom) access by the concrete steps; a broad window group of 12/12 double-hung sash flanking a fixed sash; and a multi-light staircase door.  The north storefront consists of a single light door with four-light transom, with two pairs of 15/15 double hung sash.  The parapet extends as pedestals at the end.  Eight small insets are across the parapet, framing the two names on the south reading "John Kirby"" (added later) and that on the right reading "Dr. J.D. Knott".  Occupant of 110 included Lodge Abstract, a Ford dealer and Kaiser Abstract.  Occupants of 112 included Dr. Knott, Dr. Cline, Dr. Allman, Vance Bibliographies, and Cox Law Office.