101 - 103 S. State St.

101 S. State

Historically known as the J.A. Brown Hardware (101) and W.G. Herron Dry Goods (103).  It is Italianate style constructed in 1875 with an addition in 1925 and a remodeling in 1966, completely covering the storefront with no historic form or material visible.  The second story is completely intact with original 2/2 round arched double-hung sash beneath double rowlock corbelled round arches which interconnect at shoulder between windows.  The parapet brickwork is enlivened with long brick "brackets" dentils, and raised stretcher courses.  This building together with the adjacent in dential buildings contributes significantly to the block's Italianate buildings.  Sometime in the early 1880's J.W. Rice expanded his store from 103 and 105 into this space.  By 1892, the Race-Handlin Company clothing store was here with a dentist offices on the second story.  Other businesses were Dresback Bakery, Martin's Cafe and Bakery, and Armsworth Appliance Store.