Who provides curbside trash and recycling services in Monticello?

The City of Monticello contracts with Republic Services for residential refuse and recycling services. Additional information on these services is available here.

For commercial trash service (i.e., dumpsters), there is not an exclusive hauler. Commercial customers are welcome to contract directly with the provider of their choice. Additional information is available here.

What should I do if the water coming out of my taps is brown or sputtering?

There are several activities that could cause temporarily discolored or sputtering water to occur, including routine/scheduled hydrant flushing, installation of a new or replacement meter, repair work due to a main break or leak, unusually high water levels caused by weather events, etc.

If you notice brown or discolored water and/or a sputtering faucet (usually caused by air in the line), it can usually be cleared up quickly and easily by running cold water from any faucet. If you have run cold water steadily for several minutes and do not see a change, or if the issue persists for a prolonged period of time (outside of scheduled hydrant flushing activities), please contact MCUS at (217) 762-2583 or for additional information and assistance.

Should I turn my water off if I leave town for the winter?

If a building will be completely empty for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended that you request a temporary water shut-off. There is never a fee charged to MCUS customers for disconnection or reconnection in these instances. A temporary shut-off will also prevent you from receiving the minimum monthly billing fee during the months that you are away and not using water.


  • If the heat in the building will be turned off or kept low when the water is turned off for the winter months, be sure to drain your water lines before leaving. After the water has been turned off at the meter by water works personnel, open all of your taps and allow the water to run until it stops.
  • It is highly recommended that you leave all of the taps open so that in the event of a leak, pipes freezing, etc., the pressure has somewhere to go instead of building up inside the pipes.
  • It is also very important to turn off your hot water heater so that it does not continue to try to run with no water.

To request a temporary water shut-off, contact MCUS at (217) 762-2583 or

Once you know the date of your return, simply contact MCUS again to reschedule your reconnection.