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Effective January 1, 2023, the City of Monticello has contracted with Republic Services as the exclusive residential waste hauler. Trash and recycling will be billed monthly by Monticello City Utility Services (MCUS) and will appear on your MCUS bill, along with water and sewer. The cost for residential refuse and recycling for 2023 in Monticello is $23.50 per month.

To establish new service, please submit the Utility Services Application or contact MCUS for assistance.

Who To Contact

Service questions or issues can be emailed to Republic directly at If you do not have access to email, you may call MCUS at (217) 762-2583 and we will coordinate with Republic on your behalf.

All billing questions or issues should be directed to MCUS at or 217-762-2583.

Collection Schedules

Trash is collected every week and recycling is collected every other week. The 2023 Collection Calendar is available here.

The Service Area Map for the entire community is here and individual maps by day are linked below (you can also search specific street addresses if you need to confirm your collection day, or contact MCUS for additional assistance):

Monday Collections (Northwest Side - includes Walden Pond, Sage Woods, Sage Meadows, Weather Oaks, and more. From north Market/105 to Bridge/Center St. and Old Rte. 47 to N. State St.)

Tuesday Collections (Northeast Side - includes Jefferson Grove, Lone Beech, a portion of N. State St., and the area surrounding Lincoln School. From Constitution Boulevard to Center St. and N. State St. to North St.)

Wednesday Collections (Southwest Side - includes Appletree, Evergreens, Turtle Creek, Turtle Pointe, County Farm Road, Eastgate, area surrounding Monticello Golf Club and Monticello Family Aquatic Center. From Bridge St. to Allerton Rd. and County Farm Rd. to Park St.)

Thursday Collections (Southeast Side #1 - includes The Chimneys, S. Charter St., the area surrounding Monticello High School. From High St. to Kratz Rd. and Park St. to S. Piatt and continuing east on the north side of E. Washington St.)

Friday Collections (Southeast Side #2 - includes Ridgepointe and the area surrounding Monticello Middle School. From S. Piatt St. to Prairie Lane Dr. and E. Washington St. to Kratz Rd.)

Guidelines for Trash and Recycling

See tips and guidance for residential trash service here.

See tips and guidance for residential recycling service here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact for questions or assistance?

Service questions or issues can be emailed to Republic at If you do not have access to email, you may call MCUS at (217) 762-2583 and we will coordinate with Republic on your behalf.

All billing questions or issues should be directed to MCUS at or 217-762-2583.

Is there any impact to commercial trash service?

No, there is not. This program is limited to residential refuse and recycling services. If you currently receive commercial trash service, there is no change to your service. Current options for commercial trash service in Monticello are GFL and Knight Environmental Services. Republic does not currently offer commercial service in Monticello, but if you are interested in receiving information about future commercial service, you may contact Matt Friel at (217) 213-8239.

Is recycling required?

No, recycling is not required. If you prefer to have a trash tote only, please contact MCUS with your name and service address. We will submit a request to have your recycling tote removed. Please note that this does not change the monthly cost for trash service.

What if my household generates more trash than the tote can hold?

An occasional overage can be picked up. Simply place the extra bag(s) close to your tote on pickup day and Republic will collect it. Please note that this is limited to three extra bags at up to 35 lbs. per bag. If you consistently generate more trash than the tote can hold, you may wish to request an additional tote (see next question).

Can I request additional totes?

Yes, you can request additional trash and/or recycling totes. The cost will be $6 per month per additional tote and will be added to your monthly MCUS bill. To request additional totes, please contact MCUS.

What should I do if my tote breaks or is damaged?

Please contact Republic Services for a free replacement tote. Republic customer service can be emailed at, or you may call MCUS at 217-762-2583 and we will coordinate your request with Republic.

Can I put loose trash in my tote?

No. All trash must be bagged and tied before being deposited in your tote. This practice will help to keep your tote clean and will minimize odor.

Where should I place my tote on pickup days and how should it be oriented?

Please wheel your tote(s) to the curb the night before or by 5:30 a.m. on your designated collection day. The arrows on the top of the lid should face the street, while the wheels and handle should face the house. If possible, please leave one foot of space between the edge of the street and the tote. Leave five feet of space between the tote and any vehicle. Leave three feet of space between the tote and any other objects (such as trees, mailboxes, basketball posts, or another tote). 

What do I do with my tote(s) if I move?

Trash and recycling totes should remain at the address to which they were delivered. Please do not take totes with you when you move. Totes belong to Republic Services and may be used by the next resident of the home.

What can be recycled?

See Republic's Tips and Guidance for Residential Recycling for detailed information on what can and cannot be recycled. Please note that glass is also accepted in recycling.

Where is the recycling material processed?

Republic transports all recyclables to Midwest Fiber Recycling in Bloomington, IL.