Fire Department repellingThe Monticello Fire and Rescue Department participate once a month in training exercises to keep their knowledge and abilities fresh. The fire training grounds, located outside of town on Allerton Road, include a repelling tower, burn containers, as well as several new vehicles for the department to use for training.

The burn containers were able to be purchased from a FEMA Fire Act grant have proved Fire department house traininga valuable training device. Fires can be started in these containers letting smoke and heat build-up to simulate a house fire. The firefighters then enter the containers to practice search and rescue procedures.

The Monticello Fire and Rescue Department also takes time to participate in community events. From the waterball competition at the Monticello Celebration to the annual Piatt Waterball competitionCounty Fire Department Parade, or the department's own open house in October, the public gets plenty of opportunities to learn about fire safety and meet the citizens who help keep their community safe.