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New Construction - Sewer Service Application

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  2. City of Monticello Building Department
    210 N. Hamilton
    Monticello, IL 61856
    (217) 762-2583, ext. 26

    New Construction - Sanitary Sewer Service Application

  3. Applying as:*
  4. Proposed Fixtures:

    For each type of fixture listed below, indicate the number that will be connected to the proposed service (for example, 1 kitchen sink, 2 lavatories, etc.). Type 0 for any fixtures that will not be included.

  5. By clicking below, you agree to the following:*

    1) I accept and will abide by all applicable provisions of the City of Monticello Ordinances, as well as any other regulations that may apply. 2) I will maintain the service line through this property at no expense to the City of Monticello. 3) No roof drains, field tile, or sump pump discharge will be connected to the sanitary sewer. 4)  I will notify the Building Department when the sewer line is ready for inspection and connection to the public sewer has been made, but before any portion of the work is covered. 

  6. Office Use Only:

    A connection fee of $__________ was paid on __________.

    Application approval and permit issued by ____________________ Date __________.

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