Mayor's Welcome

On behalf of the City Council, welcome to Monticello! I trust you will find the community a wonderful place to learn, play, grow, prosper, work, live, and enjoy.

Our professional city personnel do an excellent job in keeping the community informed, in good repair, safe, and moving forward.  Monticello has many services and offerings that not many other rural communities can boast. Between Allerton, the Railway Museum, Eli Field, downtown Courthouse Square, and the aquatic center, there is always an event or something to do on weekends in town.  And if you're looking to do more than visit, the low property tax rates and cost of living make Monticello an ideal setting for any venture.  From curbside brush pickup, to recreational opportunities, to our nationally recognized small business development program, we do what we can to help our residents, businesses and visitors thrive.  

Please reach out to our staff or the Council if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for stopping by, and Go Monticello!