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City Council Meeting Agenda

This meeting will be conducted by audio or video conference without a physically present quorum of the City Council because of a disaster declaration related to COVID-19 public health concerns affecting the City of Monticello. The Mayor determined that an in-person meeting at the City of Monticello Municipal Building (210 N Hamilton St, Monticello, Il 61856) with all participants is not practical or prudent because of the disaster. The Mayor and City Council members, the City Administrator, and the chief legal counsel will not be physically present at the Monticello Municipal Building, if that is unfeasible due to the disaster. Physical public attendance at the Monticello Municipal Building is not feasible; alternative arrangements for public access to hear meeting are available here:

Web Conference:

Go to Meeting Conference Phone Number:  +1 (872) 240-3311

The meeting will also be audio or video recorded and made available to the public, as provided by law.

Call to Order, Roll Call


Public Participation

This is an opportunity for the public to provide public comment to the presiding officer, the Mayor. At this time, members of the public are able to attend public meetings by web conference, and to submit public comment by email, voicemail, or through web conference:



Voicemail: 1-217-762-2583 Ext 22

Web Conference:

Go to Meeting Conference phone number:  +1 (872) 240-3311    

                                           Access Code:  351-947-877


Public comments must comply with all adopted rules and be limited to 5 minutes or less. The City Clerk will arrange to have one email or voicemail per person presented for up to five minutes each. Web conference participants should ask to be recognized for public comment by using the chat function.

Access to City Hall and Council Chambers will not be permitted. Please provide any comments in one of the available means listed above.



Consent Agenda - Approval of Documents and Action Items as Listed:


Claims Report (Claims dated June 9, 2020 through June 22, 2020)


Meeting Minutes - City Council Meeting Minutes June 8, 2020


Budget Report - May 2020


Police Report - May 2020


Mayor's Report


Old Business


New Business


Resolution 2020-30: General Maintenance Under the Illinois Highway Code (Oil and Chip Program)


Resolution 2020-31: A Resolution Approving a Second Amendment to the Temporary License Agreement between the City of Monticello and Spencer Atkins Concerning the Properties Commonly Known as 416 W Washington Street and 203 N Park Street, Monticello, Illinois


Aldermen's/Alderwomen's Report


Police Chief's Report


City Administrator's Report


City Council Meeting Adjournment