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Public Participation

This is an opportunity for the public to provide public comment to the presiding officer (Chairman).  At this time, members of the public are able to attend public meetings by web conference, and to submit public comment by email, voicemail, or through web conference.

Email:  cjm@cityofmonticello.net
Voicemail:  1-217-762-2583 Ext 28
Web Conference:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/351878973
Go to Meeting Conference Phone Number:  1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 351-878-973

Public comments must comply with all adopted rules and be limited to 5 m inutes or less.  The acting secretary or a designee will arrange to have one email or voicemail per person presented for up to five minutes each.  Web conference participants should ask to be recognized for public comment by using the chat function.

Access to City Hall and the Council Chambers will not be permitted.  Please provide any comments in one of the available means listed above.


Meeting Minute Approval


February 4, 2020 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes


April 21, 2020 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes


Old Business

Story Plaque QR Codes 

Replacement brochure holders for historic district signs 

Community Outreach 
     -Website Update 

Historic Districts "Watchdog Report"

New Business


Certified Local Government Grant


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