Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call

Public Participation
This is an opportunity for the public to provide public comment to the Presiding Officer.  Those wishing to speak are required to sign in prior to commencement of the meeting and must address Council from the seat and table provided.  The public comments must comply with Ordinance 2014-02 and be limited to 5 minutes or less
Approval of Meeting Minutes
New Business
Introduction of 1004 E Chestnut Street - Variance Request

The owner of 1004 E. Chestnut (RD) wishes to construct an addition onto his detached garage, currently a nonconforming structure.  Because the addition will encroach into the setback of the currently occupied lot, as well as adjacent lot (under common ownership), the owner is re-platting all three lots to create one lot.  The owner is requesting a variance to the west side yard setback (§153.019), as well as the separation distance of an accessory building to a main structure (§153.020.)

       i.  Project Overview - Petitioner
      ii.  Questions & Discussion from the Planning & Zoning Board 
      iii.  Public Testimony Period
      iv.  Public Hearing is Closed
      v.  Action - Planning & Zoning Board  
Introduction of 1410 N Market Street - Conditional Use Request
The prospective owner of 1410 N Market Street wishes to divide the building into 3 suites, for storage, retail and office space, and a fabrication shop.  The individual is requesting a conditional use permit to allow multiple main uses on one parcel (153.018), as well as a manufacturing (not otherwise designated) on a Business (B) zoned property (153.017).

i.  Project Overview - Petitioner
ii.  Questions & Discussion from the Planning & Zoning Board
iii.  Public Testimony Period
iv.  Public Hearing is closed
v.  Action - Planning & Zoning Board

Zoning Ordinance Update - Discussion Only
This is the first of several proposed amendments presented for discussion.  The amendments in their entirety will be presented at a public hearing for recommendation to the City Council at a later date.
Sections 153.001 - 153.017
Meeting Adjourned