Animal Control

Animal ControlThe City of Monticello employs a community service officer whose duties include domestic animal control.

Animal Control FAQs

If I lose my dog, what should I do?
-Call Piatt County Dispatch to report the lost animal. There are also several local platforms on social media which are dedicated to lost or missing pets.

What should I do if I find a lost dog or cat?
-Call Piatt County Dispatch to report the lost animal.. There are also several local platforms on social media which are dedicated to lost or missing pets. 

How do I report an animal bite on a human?
-If the bite requires medical attention, seek medical help. The medical provider is also required to contact the local law enforcement agency of the animal bite.

What are the requirements for Rabies Vaccinations and pets?
-In Illinois, all dogs are required by law to be current on rabies vaccinations and registered within the county they reside. For more information on the Piatt County Animal Control requirements and fees, contact the Piatt County Animal Control.

Does the City of Monticello have leash laws?
-Out of concern for the general health and safety of the community, dogs must be leashed when off the owner's property, with minor exceptions. It is also important to note that when walking your dog on a leash, you must also have a way to clean up excrement from your dog.

Are chickens allowed within City limits?
-In order to keep chickens, you must first register with the City Clerk and receive a permit. The City Animal Control Ordinance (Amended 2012-42) allows for property owners to have up to 6 hens. The hens must be kept within enclosures no closer than 150 feet from any occupied residence, and no closer than 20 feet from any adjacent property. Property owners who keep chickens must register their animals annually by May 1st at the Monticello Municipal Building. As with any animal enclosure, conditions must be left sanitary and safe for the animal and property, or the owner could be cited for a public nuisance or animal cruelty. View Chicken Keeping & Coop Application.

What about wild animals/wildlife?

-The City of Monticello will not trap or test wild animals (i.e. racoons, possums, bats, etc.). Property owners must contact a private company for wild animal trapping/testing. View Illinois Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Removal Guide.

If you are dealing with wildlife damage and all other nonlethal options have failed, removal of an animal may be the final solution. There are two options for removing wildlife: (1) Hire a licensed Wildlife Nuisance Control Operator to trap and remove the animal; (2) Handle the situation yourself.

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