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City Council Meeting Agenda
Call to Order, Pledge to Flag, Pastoral Prayer, Roll Call
The City of Monticello does not endorse religious faith.  The prayer is intended to lend solemnity to the public meeting and invite an attitude of respect and consideration.
Public Participation
This is an opportunity for the public to provide public comment to the Presiding Officer.  Those wishing to speak are required to sign in prior to commencement of the meeting and must address the Council from the seat and table provided.  The public comments must comply with Ordinance 2014-02 and be limited to 5 minutes or less.
Consent Agenda - Approval of Documents and Action Items as Listed:
Claims Report - Claims dated April 25, 2017 through May 8, 2017

Meeting Minutes
City Council Special Meeting April 10, 2017
City Council Meeting April 10, 2017
City Council Meeting April 24, 2017
Permit Report - April 2017

Mayor's Report
Police Week Proclamation
Old Business
Swearing in Newly Elected Officials
a) City Clerk Pamela Harlan - Sworn in by Mayor Stoner
b) Mayor Stoner - Sworn in by City Clerk
c) Aldermen Jones, Murdock, Miller, Brock - Sworn in by City Clerk
New Business
Mayoral Appointments
1) Fire Department Chief - Chief Rick Dubson
2) Police Chief - Chief John Carter
3) Planning & Zoning Board - Gerald Day (5 year term expires April 30, 2022)
4) Historic Preservation - Judy Greene & Luanna Miller (3 Year term expires April 30, 2020)
5) Fire & Police Commission - Dick Jesse (3 year term expires April 30, 2020)
6) Interim City Treasurer - Maura Metcalf
City Council roles & Responsibilities
City Attorney Derke Price will be present to discuss roles & responsibilities for elected officials.
Aldermen's Report
Police Chief's Report
Interim City Administrator's Report

Closed Session
a) Review of Closed Session Minutes 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(21)
b) 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(6) Sale of City Owned Property
c) 5 ILCS (c)(11) Litigation Update
d) 5 ILCS (c)(1) Appointment, Employment, Compensation, Discipline, Performance or Dismissal of Specific Employee
Resolution 2017-26 Release of Closed Session Minutes
Following the Closed Session listed above, and review of closed session minutes, City Council may wish to approve the release of certain closed session minutes and make them available for public review.  Action (if any) will take place in open session.
Possible Appointment for new City Administrator

City Council Meeting Adjournment